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  • CBSE Classes 1, 2, 3
    1. Class 1 English Spaeaking
    2. Class 2 English
    3. Class 3 English

  • CBSE Class 4 "Wake Up"
    1. Wake Up; Neha's Alarm Clock
    2. Noses
    3. Run
    4. Why?
    5. Don't be Afraid of the Dark
    6. The Donkey
    7. Hiawatha
    8. A Watering Rhyme
    9. Books
    10. The Naughty Boy

  • CBSE Class 5 "Ice-cream Man"
    1. Ice Cream Man
    2. Wonderful Waste
    3. Bamboo Curry
    4. Team Work
    5. For Want of Nail
    6. My Shadow
    7. Robinson Crusoe
    8. Crying
    9. Food for Thought
    10. My Elder Brother
    11. The Lazy Frog
    12. Rip Van Winkle
    13. Class Discussion
    14. The Talkative Barber
    15. Topsy Turvy
    16. Gulliver's Travel
    17. Nobody's Friend
    18. The Little Boy
    19. Sing a Song of People
    20. The Village Child
    21. The City Child
    22. Around The World
    23. Malu Bhallu
    24. Who will be Ningthou

  • CBSE Class 6 "A Pact with the Sun"
    1. A Tale of Two Birds
    2. The Friendly Mongoose
    3. The Sheherd's Treasure
    4. The Old-Clock Shop
    5. Tansen
    6. The Monkey and the Crocodile
    7. The Wonder called Sleep
    8. A Pact with the Sun
    9. What Happened to the Reptiles
    10. A Strange Wrestling Match

  • CBSE Class 6a "Honey Suckle"
    1. Who did Patrick's Home Work
    2. How the Dog Found himself a Master
    3. The Quarrel
    4. Kalpana Chawla
    5. A Different Kind of School
    6. Who Am I
    7. Fair Play
    8. TA Game of Chance
    9. Vocation
    10. Desert Animals
    11. What If
    12. The Banyan Tree

  • CBSE Class 7, "Honey Dew"
    1. Three Questions
    2. The Squirrels
    3. A Gift of Chappals
    4. The Rebels
    5. The Shed
    6. The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom
    7. Chivvy
    8. Quality
    9. Trees
    10. Expert Detective
    11. Mystery of the Talking Fan
    12. The Invention of Vita-Wonk
    13. Fire: Friend and Foe
    14. A Bicycle in Good Repair
    15. The Story of Cricket

  • CBSE Class 8, "Honey Dew"
    1. The Best Christmas Present
    2. The Tsunami
    3. Macavity: The Mystery Cat
    4. Bipin Choudhury's Lapse of Memory
    5. The Summit Within
    6. This is Jody's Fawn
    7. A Visit to Cambridge
    8. A Short Monsoon Diary
    9. The Great Stone Face 1
    10. The Great Stone Face 2

  • CBSE Class 8a, "It So Happened"
    1. How the Camel got the Hump
    2. Children at Work
    3. The Selfish Giant
    4. The Treasure Within
    5. Pricess September
    6. The Fight
    7. The Open Window
    8. Jalebis
    9. The Comet Part 1.1
    10. The Comet Part 1.2
    11. The Comet Part 2.1
    12. The Comet Part 2.2

  • CBSE Class 9, "Beehive"
    1. The Fun They Had
    2. Sound of Music
    3. The little Girl
    4. Beautiful Mind
    5. The Snake
    6. My Childhood
    7. Packing
    8. Reach for the Top
    9. Bond of Love
    10. Katmandu
    11. If I Were You

  • CBSE Class 9, "Supplementary Reader"
    1. The Lost Child
    2. The Adventure of Toto
    3. Iswaran
    4. In The Kingdom of Fools
    5. The Happy Prince
    6. Weathering The Storm
    7. The Last Leaf
    8. A House is not a Home
    9. The Accidental Tourist
    10. The Beggar

  • CBSE Class 10, "First Flight"
    1. A Letter to God
    2. Nelson Mandela
    3. Two Stories
    4. Anne Frank
    5. Hundred Dresses 1
    6. Hundred Dresses 2
    7. Glimpses of India
    8. Mijbil the Other
    9. Madam Rides the Bus
    10. The Sermon
    11. The Proposal

  • CBSE Class 10, "Footprints"
    1. A triumph of Surgery
    2. The Thief's Story
    3. The Midnight Visiors
    4. A Question of Trust
    5. Footprints without Feet
    6. The Making of a Scientist
    7. The Necklace
    8. The Hack Driver
    9. Bholi
    10. The Book that Saved the earth

  • CBSE Class 11, "Snapshots"
    1. The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse
    2. The Address
    3. Ranga's Marriage
    4. Albert Einstein
    5. Mother's Day
    6. Ghat of the Only World
    7. Birth
    8. The Tale of Melon City

  • CBSE Class 11, "Hornbill"
    1. The Portrait of a Lady
    2. Afraid to Die
    3. Discovering Tut
    4. Landscape of the Soul
    5. The Ailing Planet
    6. The Browning Version
    7. The Adventure
    8. Silk Road

  • CBSE Class 12, "Flamingo"
    1. Lost Spring
    2. Deep water
    3. Rat Trap
    4. Indigo
    5. Poet & Pancakes
    6. The Interview
    7. Going Places
    8. My Mother at Sixty-six
    9. An Elementary School
    10. Keeping Quiet
    11. Thingofbeauty
    12. Road Side Stand
    13. Aunt Jennifer's Tigers

  • CBSE Class 12, "Kaleidoscope"
    1. Sell My Dreams
    2. Eveylin
    3. A Wedding in Brownsville
    4. Tommorrow
    5. One Centimeter
    6. Poems by Milton
    7. Poems by Blake

  • CBSE Class 12, "Vistas"
    1. The Third Level
    2. The Tiger King
    3. Journey to the end of the Earth
    4. The Enemy
    5. Wizard hit Mommy
    6. ontheface
    7. Evans
    8. Memories of Childhood

  • English Class 2

    Lessons 1

    First day at School.

    I wonder
    if my drawing
    will be as good as theirs.
    I wonder
    if they'll like me
    or just be full of stares.
    I wonder
    if my teacher
    will look like Mom or Gran.
    I wonder
    if my puppy
    will wonder where
    I am .
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Let's Listen and Sing.

    Brush, brush, brush your teeth, Brush them every day. Father, mother, brother, sister, Brush them every day. Comb, comb, comb your hair, Comb it every day. Father, mother, brother, sister, Comb it every day. Wash, wash, wash your face, Wash it every day. Father, mother, brother, sister, Wash it every day.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 2

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    One morning, as Haldi walked to school, she met a giraffe. The
    giraffe wore big glasses and held a book in his hand.
    He smiled and said, “Good morning, Haldi.”
    Haldi looked up at him. “I’m sorry to stare,” she said,
    “but I have never met a giraffe like you.”

    “My name is Smiley,” said the giraffe. “Whenever you see
    me, you will smile.”

    Haldi was surprised and happy too. Then she remembered
    that she would be late for school. So she said to the giraffe,
    “I would love to talk to you but I must rush to school or I will be late.”
    The giraffe said, “Not if you ride on my back. If you climb on my back,
    I will run so fast that you will feel you are flying to school. Do you go to school every day?”
    “Yes,” said Haldi. “I go to school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Saturdays I play games at school.”

    “What do you do in school?” asked the giraffe.
    “I learn about the stars, the trees, the birds and the animals.”
    “That is good,” said the giraffe, “I love books too.

    They are lots of fun. Now jump on my back. I will take you to school.”
    Haldi then jumped on the giraffe’s back and found
    that she could see so many things from the top. And
    before she knew it she had reached the school playground.
    She climbed down. When she turned back to thank the giraffe,
    she found that he had gone away.
    “Oh!” Haldi thought. “What a wonderful adventure I have had!”
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    The Padding-Pool.

    Down by the river
    On the way to school,
    We have to pass
    By the paddling-pool.
    The grass is green,
    And the water cool,
    And we stay to play
    By the paddling-pool,
    Down by the river
    On the way to school .
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    All the bells are ringing:
    It’s a holiday.
    All the bells are singing:
    Let’s go out and play
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    I am Lucky.

    If I were a butterfly I would be thankful For my wings.
    If I were a myna in a tree I would be thankful That I could sing.
    If I were a fish in the sea I would be thankful That I can wriggle and giggle with glee.
    So, I just think I am lucky to be “me”. Not “you” but “me”.

    If I were an elephant I would be thankful That I can raise my trunk.
    If I were a kangarI would try to hop Right up to the moon.
    If I were an octopus I would be thankful For my eight arms.
    So I just think I am lucky to be “me”. Not “you”, but “me”.
    What do you think you want to be?
    Do you want to be like me? Or just you? Just you...
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    I WANT.

    “I want to be big,” says Little Monkey. “I want to be strong.”
    A wise woman hears him. “Take this magic wand,” she says, “and all your wishes can come true.”
    A giraffe comes by. He stretches his long neck. He eats the sweet leaves at the top of the trees.
    “I want a long neck,” says Little Monkey.
    “POP!” His neck grows long, just like the giraffe’s.
    Little Monkey is happy.
    An elephant comes down to the river. He fills his trunk with water.
    He blows it all over himself. “I want to do that too!” says Little Monkey.
    “BANG!” Just like that, he grows a trunk. He is very happy.
    “This is fun!” he says. Next, Little Monkey sees a zebra. “I want stripes like those,” he says.
    “WHIZZ!” Little Monkey has stripes all over his body, just like the zebra.
    He is very, very happy. He goes to the river to try out his new trunk.
    He looks down. He sees himself in the water.
    “Mother!” he cries. “Help! A monster!”
    “That’s not a monster ,” says his mother . “That’s you.”

    “You want a giraffe’s neck, an elephant’s trunk and stripes like a zebra.
    Don’t you remember?” Little Monkey cries and cries.
    “I look AWFUL!” he says. “I want to be myself again.”
    There is a "POP", a "BANG and a "WHIZZ".
    Little Monkey is himself again. He jumps for joy.
    He throws the magic wand into the river.
    He never wants to be anyone else again.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 3

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    A SMILE.

    A smile is quite a funny thing,
    It wrinkles up your face.
    And when it’s gone
    you’ll never find
    Its secret hiding place.
    But far more wonderful it is
    To see what smiles can do.
    You smile at one,
    He smiles at you,
    And so one smile makes two.
    Indian English UK English US English
    Team Time.

    What else can you do to make the face colourful?
    Sing with actions. Remember to keep smiling!
    If you are happy and you know it, Clap your hands.
    If you are happy and you know it, Clap your hands.
    If you are happy and you know it, And you really want to show it,
    If you are happy and you know it, Clap your hands.
    If you are happy and you know it, Nod your head.
    If you are happy and you know it, Stamp your feet.
    If you are happy and you know it, Say “ha, ha!”
    If you are happy and you know it, Do all four!
    clap-clap, nod-nod, stamp-stamp.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    The Wind and the Sun.

    WIND: Sun, can you see that man walking down the road?
    I can get his coat off more quickly than you can!
    SUN (smiling): We will see who is stronger. I will let you try first.
    WIND (puffing his cheeks and blowing hard): Whooooooooh...
    MAN: How strong the wind is today! It is blowing my coat away!
    I must hold it tightly round myself.
    WIND (blowing harder): Whooooooooooooooooooh...
    whooooooooooooooooooooo !
    MAN (pulling his coat more tightly): How cold it is!
    WIND: Sun, I give up. I cannot get his coat off !
    SUN: Now it is my turn.Let me try. (He shines hard.)
    MAN: What a funny day! It was so cold and now it is so hot!
    SUN (shining harder): I will make him feel hotter and hotter.
    MAN (wiping his face): I must take off my coat!
    SUN: Wind, I have won. I have made him take off his coat!
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    A Big Wind.

    A big wind is blowing.
    Look, the leaves are flying!
    The wind can blow trees down.
    It can blow houses down.
    My house is old.
    Will it come down?
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 4

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    The rain is raining all around,
    It falls on field and tree;
    It rains on the umbrellas here
    And on the ships at sea.
    Indian English
    US English
    US English

    As Two little clouds danced in the sky so blue,
    Another little cloud asked, “Can I join you?”
    As Three little clouds held hands in the sky,
    the wind blew another little cloud very close by.
    As One little white cloud floated in the sky one day,
    Another little cloud called out,“Come, let us play!”
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Riddle Time.

    Who am I ?
    I go up and down a lot,
    Whether it is cold or hot.
    Sometimes I am on the ground,
    Other times I am in the clouds.
    My name rhymes with daughter,
    I am your friend named water.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Sunu-sunu, the snail, was visiting his friends, the ants. They climbed all over him. Hee! Hee! Hee!
    They climbed under him. Hee! Hee! Hee!
    Suddenly, great white light crashed through the clouds. Sunu-sunu quickly pulled in his head,
    pulled in his tail, and sat v-e-r-y still.
    Outside, the sky grew dark and the crows flew past. Kaa! Kaa! Kaa! Kaa!

    Oh, but where were the ants? Sunu-sunu stuck out his feelers and looked for them. They were hiding under a flower pot.
    Go home Sunu-sunu, the ants cried out. Hurry, hurry, your mother will worry.
    Sunu-sunu went to his mother where she sat under a stone near the well.
    Amma, said Sunu-sunu, there’s a storm in the garden. I heard the wind blow blow blow . Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!
    I saw trees sway sway sway. Shay! Shay! Shay! Shay!
    I saw lightning flash flash flash. Zzzak! Zzzak! Zzzak! Zzzak! I heard thunder roll roll roll. Gadaam! Gudoom! Gadaam! Gudoom!
    I heard rain fall fall fall. Sittasitta! Pittapitta! Sittasitta! Pittapitta!
    I heard water drip drip drip. Plip! Plip! Plip! Plip!
    It was the biggest storm Sunu-sunu had ever been in.

    Ooo! Ooo! Shay! Shay! Zzzak! Zzzak! Gadaam! Gudoom! Sittasitta! Pittapitta! Sittasitta! Pittapitta! Plip! Plip! Plip! Plip!
    And do you know what? Sunu-sunu didn’t get wet! Do you know why?
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Let’s sing .

    Out in the garden each fine day,
    With my ball, I like to play;
    I bounce my ball, I bounce my ball,
    I bounce my ball on each fine day.
    Out in the garden each fine day,
    With my kite I like to play;
    I fly my kite, I fly my kite,
    I fly my kite on each fine day
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 5

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    Be careful what
    You say or do
    When you visit the animals
    At the Zoo.

    Don’t make fun
    Of the Camel’s hump –
    He’s very proud
    Of his noble bump.

    Don’t laugh too much
    At the Chimpanzee –
    He thinks he’s as wise
    As you or me.

    And the Penguins
    Strutting around the lake
    Can understand
    Remarks you make.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    One day, a nut fell on Funny Bunny. “Ouch! The sky is going to fall!” said Funny Bunny.
    “I must tell the King.”
    On the way, he met Henny Penny. “The sky is going to fall,” said Funny Bunny. “I’m going to tell the King.”
    “I’ll come too,” said Henny Penny.
    And off they went to find the King.
    Soon they met Cocky Locky.

    “The sky is going to fall,” said Funny Bunny. “I’m going to tell the King.”
    “I’ll come too,” said Cocky Locky.
    And off they went to find the King.
    On the way, they met Lucky Ducky. “The sky is going to fall,” said Funny Bunny. “I’m going to tell the King.”
    “I’ll come too,” said Lucky Ducky. And off they went to find the King. On the way, they met Poosey Goosey.
    “The sky is going to fall,” said Funny Bunny. “I’m going to tell the King.” “I’ll come too,” said Poosey Goosey.
    And off they went to find the King. On the way they met Woxy Foxy.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 6

    Mr. Nobody.

    I know a funny little man,
    As quiet as a mouse,
    Who does the mischief
    that is done.
    In everybody’s house!
    There’s no one ever
    sees his face,
    And yet we all agree
    That every plate we break was
    cracked By Mr. Nobody.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    The Zigzag Boy.

    I know a little zigzag boy,
    Who goes this way and that.
    He never knows just where he puts,
    His coat or shoes or hat.
    If you are not a zigzag child,
    You’ll have no cause to say
    That you forgot, for you will know
    Where things are put away.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Curlylocks and the Three Bears.

    Once there was a girl ith curly hair. Her name was Curlylocks.
    One day, she went into the forest near her house. She saw a cottage.

    “Is anybody in?” she asked.

    There was nobody. The Bear family lived in the cottage. They had gone for a walk.

    Curlylocks went in. She wanted to see who lived there.
    She saw three bowls of porridge on the table. There was a big bowl for Papa Bear,
    a middle size bowl for Mama Bear and a tiny little bowl for Baby Bear.

    Curlylocks was hungry. She ate the porridge from the big bowl. It was very hot.
    She ate from the middle size bowl. It was too cold. She ate from the tiny
    little bowl. It was just right.

    Curlylocks ate up all the porridge. Then she went to the bedroom.
    There was a big bed for Papa Bear, a middle size bed for Mama Bear
    and a tiny little bed for Baby Bear.

    The big bed was very hard. The middle size bed was too soft. But the tiny little bed was just right.
    Curlylocks fell asleep in the tiny little bed. The Bear family came back.
    “Somebody ate my porridge!” shouted Papa Bear in his big, gruff voice.
    “Somebody ate my porridge too!” said Mama Bear.
    “Somebody finished all my porridge,” said Baby Bear in his tiny little voice.
    The Bear family went to the bedroom.
    “Somebody slept in my bed,” shouted Papa Bear in his big, gruff voice.
    “Somebody slept in my bed too,” said Mama Bear.
    “Somebody is sleeping in my bed,” said Baby Bear in his tiny little voice.
    Curlylocks woke up. She saw the three Bears. She jumped down and ran out of the cottage as fast as she could.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 7

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    On My Blackboard I can Draw.

    On my blackboard I can draw,
    One little house with one green door,
    Two brown gates that open wide,
    Three red steps that lead inside,
    Four little chimneys painted white,
    Five little windows shining bright,
    Six yellow marigolds straight and tall,
    Growing up against the wall.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Make it Shorter.

    One day, Akbar drew a line on the floor and ordered, “Make this line shorter, but don’t rub out any part of it.” Make it Shorter

    No one knew what to do. Each minister looked at the line and was puzzled.

    No one could think of any way to make it longer. No one could think of how it could be made shorter without erasing it.

    Birbal started smiling. When it was his turn, he went near the line.
    Birbal drew a longer line under the first one. He didn’t touch the first line.
    Everyone in the court saw what he drew and said – “That’s true. The first line is shorter now!”
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    The Mouse and the Pencil.

    One day a little mouse was looking for something to eat.
    He found a pencil. “I’m going to bite you,” said the mouse. And he bit it hard.

    “You are hurting me,” said the pencil. “Let me draw you one last picture and then you can do what you like!”

    “Very well,” said the mouse. The pencil drew a big circle. “Is that a cheese?” asked the mouse.
    “We’ll call it a cheese,” said the Pencil and it drew three little circles inside the big one.
    “That’s an apple,” squeaked the mouse. “Let’s call it an apple,” said the pencil and
    it began drawing some funny curved things near the second circle.
    “Why, those are cucumbers,” said the mouse, licking his lips.
    “I wish you’d hurry. I simply can’t wait to get my teeth into them!”
    The pencil drew two little triangles on the top circle.
    “Oh, oh!” squeaked the mouse. “Now you’ve made it like a cat! Don’t go on!”
    But the pencil went on, till it had drawn long whiskers and a mouth on the top circle.
    And the mouse cried out in terror, “It’s a real cat! Help!”
    Now see if YOU can draw a cat that looks real enough to frighten away the mice!
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 8

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    I am the Music Man.

    I am the Music Man
    I am the music man,
    I come from far away,
    And I can play.
    What can you play?
    I play the piano.
    Pia, pia, piano, piano, piano
    ,Pia, pia, piano, pia, piano.
    I am the music man,
    I come from far away,
    And I can play.
    What can you play?
    I play the big drum.
    Boomdi, boomdi, boomdi boom,
    Boomdi boom, boomdi boom.
    Boomdi, boomdi, boom.
    Pia, pia, piano, piano, piano,
    Pia, pia, piano, pia, piano.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 8

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    The Mumbai Musicians.

    Once upon a time, there lived a donkey named Goopu. He had worked for many years in the house of a farmer. He had carried many heavy sacks of corn and sugarcane, from the farm to the factory. He was now very tired and old.

    The farmer said to Goopu, “You are a good donkey. Take this sack of corn and go and see the world, before you become too old.”

    Goopu smiled and said goodbye. He set off towards the city of Mumbai.

    “I am good at music. I will go to Mumbai and be a musician there.” On the way he met a dog.

    “Where are you going?” asked Doopu.
    “I am going to Mumbai to be a musician. Would you like to come too?” asked Goopu.
    “Yes, I would,” replied Doopu.
    Off went the two friends on the dusty road to Mumbai.
    They saw a ball of fur in the middle of the road.
    “Who are you?” they asked.
    “I am Furry, the cat,” said the cat.
    “Would you like to come with us to become a musician?” asked Goopu and Doopu together.
    “Oh! I would love to come along,” replied Furry.

    So off went the three together to become Mumbai musicians.
    Soon they met Cuckoo, the cock. “I love music and wish to join your band.” They all reached a house with a light.

    They were tired and hungry. They peeped in through the window and saw a table with delicious food. They decided to sing to let the people inside know that they were musicians. They sang. The people inside thought that ghosts had come to scare them. They ran away as fast as they could! Goopu, Doopu and Furry went into the house and ate the food, till they could eat no more.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English

    Lessons 9

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    Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair.

    Granny Granny,
    Please comb my hair.
    You always take your time,
    You always take such care.
    You put me to sit on a cushion,
    Between your knees;
    You rub a little coconut oil,
    Parting gentle as a breeze.
    ... Granny,
    You have all the time in the world,
    And when you’re finished,
    You always turn my head and say,
    “Now, who’s a nice girl?”
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    The Magic Porridge Pot.

    Once, there was a little girl named Tara. She lived with her mother. They were very poor.
    One day she went to a forest. There she met an old woman. The old woman gave her a pot. She said, “This is a magic pot. It will cook porridge for you when you say, ‘Cook-Pot-Cook’. It will stop making porridge when you say, ‘Stop-Pot-Stop’.”

    Tara was very happy. She ran to her mother and said, “Mother, we will no longer be hungry as I have got a magic pot.”
    Tara said to the pot, “Cook-Pot-Cook” and the pot cooked porridge. Her mother was very happy and they both ate porridge.
    One day, when Tara had gone out, her mother felt hungry. She said to the pot, “Cook-Pot-Cook”. The pot started cooking porridge.
    After eating it her mother said, “Do not cook Pot”. But the pot went on cooking.
    Soon the porridge started spilling on the floor. Mother called out again, “Wait – do not cook anymore.” But the pot did not stop.

    Mother ran out of the house and the porridge followed her. Soon there was porridge everywhere. The whole village saw it. They ran to eat the porridge.

    When Tara came back, she saw that the road was full of porridge. She ran back as fast as she could. She heard her mother shout, “Tara the pot is cooking and it will not stop.”
    Tara called out, “Stop-Pot-Stop” and it stopped cooking porridge.
    Indian English
    UK English
    US English
    Loving Grandfather.

    Sister: “Ever since grandpa fell down and sprained his arm, he has changed!"
    Brother: “He has become very quiet. He does not even speak to us!”
    Sister: "He keeps sleeping the whole day. He is very sad!"
    Brother: "He does not even go out!”
    Sister: "Grandpa loved to go for walks. He loved to do his exercises!"
    Brother: "We must try to make him go for a walk with us and do some exercise in the park!"
    Sister: "I can see grandpa’s friends. Let us talk to them!"
    Grandfather: "Thank you, my children, for taking me out in the fresh air. It’s been a long time I have been with my friends or for a walk Brother: "
    Brother: "Grandpa, your friends are here. Talk to them while we play. They have missed you!"
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    Lessons 10

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    Strange Talk..

    A little green frog lived under a log,
    And every time he spoke,
    Instead of saying, “Good morning,”
    He only said, “Croak-croak.”

    A duck lived by the waterside,
    And little did he lack,
    But when we asked, “How do you do?”
    He only said, “Quack-quack.”

    A little pig lived in a sty,
    As fat as he could be,
    And when he asked for dinner
    He cried aloud, “Wee-wee.”

    Three pups lived in a kennel,
    And loved to make a row,
    And when they meant, “May we go out?”
    They said, “Bow-wow! Bow-wow!”

    If all these animals talked as much
    As little girls and boys,
    And all of them tried to speak at once,
    Wouldn’t it make a noise?
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    The Grasshopper and the Ant.

    Once there lived a lazy grasshopper. He didn’t like to work. All day long he sang songs and played in the warm sunshine.
    “ Hee, Hee ! Look at me! I’m as happy as can be!” The grasshopper laughed at the hardworking ants as they worked day and night.
    “We are storing grain for the long winter ahead,” they replied. The lazy grasshopper only laughed louder.

    Summer ended and the cold winter arrived. The wind blew strong and it started snowing. The grasshopper now began to worry. “There is no food to eat, no grass, no flowers or leaves. I can’t see even the tiniest fly or worm. What will I do? I will surely starve!” he cried. “Let me meet my kind neighbour, the ant!”

    The grasshopper remembered how the hardworking ant had stored away grain for the winter. He knocked at her door. “Dear ant, I am hungry and cold. I have nothing to eat. Please can you give me some food?”

    The ant shook in anger. “Lazy one! What were you doing all summer? You were only singing and dancing. You should have thought of the cold winter months ahead.
    Go away!” She slammed her door shut. The lazy grasshopper was left as hungry as before.
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